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Drishya Toshniwal

Class 6, Modern High School

I've been trying to keep up with the current affairs in our country, but reading a normal newspaper is very hard especially due to the language. Now I'm reading The Early Post which is very colourful and interesting. Reading it gives me a fair idea of what is happening around me and it is written in a very simple language. It also has quizzes, fun facts and covers several different aspects. Every single issue is a new learning experience and one can never get bored of it. I love discussing things I read with my friends.

Paridhi Falor

Class 7, Vibgyor High

The Early Post magazine is a very good magazine. It has information on all the genres. It highlights various recent issues and it's preventive measures. It is interesting to read as it has facts, and a fun time section like puzzles and brain teasers. I got a lot of knowledge on topics like Corona virus, Internet safety and about the various things that happening in different parts of the world. The quiz is fun to solve too.

Rohan Singhee

Class 5, Laksmipat Singhania Academy

This newspaper helps young people learn about what is currently going on in the world as well as making us solve challenging brain teasers that help us sharpen our brains. Through this, we don't even have to put up with the mundane articles in actually newspapers and can learn about the current politics and news in a fun way.

Bhavna Singhee

Class 9, Laksmipat Singhania Academy

The Early Post is an informative magazine that has been specially adapted to suit the needs of young children. It is very creative and consists of a section filled with wonderful brain teasers and facts. It tells us about the current events but portrays it in such a way that young readers are inclined to read the articles and hence become updated about the current world scenario while exercising their brains.

Sanvi Periwal

Class 4, Sri Sri Academy

Taking a moment to let you know about my new liking, a magazine called The Early Post. It is commendable. The coolest thing about this paper is that it has lots of information, interesting puzzles, brain teasers (my fav), facts, games, stories with pictures,etc. I would rate it 10/10 and would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Advait Kandoi

Class 7, Calcutta International School

The Early Post is quite fascinating
I've been reading it from a year now
I love it!!
And I can't wait every week for a new copy!

Navika Gupta

Class 6, Mahadevi Birla World Academy

Every week just like I wait for my favourite television program. In the same way I eagerly wait for the early post magazine. I love and enjoy reading this magazine, it contains various types of news on sports, entertanment, other interesting facts and many more. The most amazing and good thing is that the magazine consists of quite wonderfull and entertaining games as well as puzzles. In the magazine, I enjoy solving the brainteasers sections and also like to read, the 'world news' and 'crazy but true' section. This magazine of early post provides all recent news in detail. So, THANK YOU EARLY POST, for such a marvellous magazine.

Naissha Goenka

Class 3, Calcutta International School

I have been reading The Early Post for a long time now. And I eagerly wait every week to receive a new issue of the magazine. I love reading the science news, solving puzzles and brainteasers. It makes me understand what's going around the world in such a simple language. It also is very colourful and full of pictures.

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